East   Gippslaand   FAmily   History   Group    has   an   extensive   library   with   a   range   of   local   family   histories   and   books on the history of the Gippsland area. There   are   Australian   history   books,   how   to   books,   historic   journals,   a   comprehensive   body   of   overseas   records, indexes, parish maps, sub division plans and cemetery plans. The computers give access to more than 680  cds, dvds, compiled records, indexes and research assets. We maintain subscriptions to relevant research web sites worldwide. We hold a collection of tens of thousands of microfiche. We hold a large collection of microfilm.
EGFHG is dedicated to researching, collecting and preserving the histories of the families that built our country. EGFHG has an ongoing policy to digitise irreplaceable documents, so that they are protected and easily available to interested people.
This page is still under developement and a more comprehensive cross section of our resources will be detailed soon
A list of Research Requests in the approximate order they were processed
The  list of Research Requests in Alphabetical Order
Listed   below   are   the   names   of   people   that   our   researches   have   worked   on,   as   a   result   of   Research   Requests,   over   the years.   This   archive   is   in   paper   form   (at   present)   so   if   there   is   a   name   that   you   feel   may   be   relevant   to   your   research   please contact us at  or come into our rooms at 51 Morgan Street, Bairnsdale.
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Index of completed Research Requests
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