As   Your   Family   History   Group   continues   to   expand   and   undertakes   important   historical   research   it   becomes   increasingly apparent that our role and responsibilities must expand appropriately. Family   History   is   always   a   source   of   fascination   to   researchers   and   families,   but   we   must   appreciate   that   these   families   are the   history   of   an   area.   In   a   very   real   and   tangible   way   their   lives   actions   and   progeny   are   the   culture   and   history   of   a   region. By   studying   their   lives   we   can   see   the   mores   and   the   conventions   of   the   society   they   lived   in.   Additionally   we   can   see   the evolution of customs through time and what influences created new ways of life. East   Gippsland   Family   History   Group   has,   over   the   years   collected   a   large   collection   of   Family   Histories.   Many   of   the prominent families of our region have been researched and their histories are in our collection. It is our intention to expand this collection of individual Family Histories indefinitely. We   intend   to   become   a   place   where   people   can   feel   confident   that   the   results   of   their   years   of   research   will   be   kept, properly preserved in digital and hard copy form, treasured and treated according to the wishes of the donor. Many   of   our   members   are   faced   with   various   levels   of   indifference   from   their   families   when   it   comes   to   their   years   of research.   There   is   no   doubt   that   one   day   in   the   future   their   families   will   appreciate   the   importance   of   understanding   their ancestry. EGFHG   can   hold   these   Family   Histories   in   a   designated   P.O.D.   to   be   passed   on   to   the   next   generation   when   the   interest   is there. Either copies or original documents can be passed on, according to the wishes of the depositor. We urge you to consider allowing us to preserve your hard work as part of our collection. We expressly understand that your wishes as to access will be rigorously complied with. We will discuss with you how you wish to pass forward your hard work to future generations. We will make hard copies of documents, photographs, and memorabilia. We will keep digital copies, backed up on to two separate servers. Please contact us during opening hours for more information.
The Future for Your Research and the Role of EGFHG as a P.O.D.
East Gippsland Family History Groupinc.