EGFHG   has   an   ongoing   policy   of   providing   members   with   opportunities   to   participate   in   group activities.   Every   month   we   have   a   Saturday   meeting   involving   a   guest   speaker   or   an   activity relating   to   family   history   research   or   presentation.   Members   are   also   updated   about   current committee decisions and news. Click on the calender to download the events for 2016.
SEPTEMBER 24 The August 2016 edition of Peterís Bulletin has been uploaded to the website and can be viewed from the publications page Bulletin
With   our   newly   acquired   status   as   a   Deductible   Gift   Recipient   I   ask   that   you   consider   making   a donation towards a piece of very expensive capital equipment. EGFHG   has   an   outstanding   collection   of   microfiche   and   micro   film   which   is   largely   ignored   due to the relative difficulty of accessing the data contained therein. Much   of   what   you   see   when   searching   Ancestry   etc.   had   its   formative   years   in   micro-format and a sizeable amount of information did not make it into the websites. EGFHG   also   has   a   significant   collection   of   micro   fiche   that   has   many   elements   that   may   well be unique. The   information   contained   in   our   micro-format   collection   should   be   available   to   researchers   in a modern and manageable way. There are a few suppliers of digital viewers for micro-format but they are all quite expensive. Please   consider   donating   towards   the   purchase   of   one   of   these   machines.   EGFHG   will   give   you a receipt which will give you a tax deduction.
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