East Gippsland Family History Groupinc. 
It    could    be    said    that    Genealogy    is    a    tree,    in    winter    all    bare    branches    but with   a   clear   underlying   structure,and   that   Family   History   is   the   same   tree   in summer,   with   all   its   foliage   giving   the   rich   tapestry   that   tells   the   stories   of   our ancestors
East Gippsland Family History Group  
The   search   for   our   ancestors   and   the   rich   tapestry   of   our   family histories. The provision of a repository for historical documents. The accumulation of research resources. The accommodation of the needs of family history researchers. The   provision      of   a   safe   place   to   store,   preserve   and   catalogue Family Histories as compiled by our members. The    provision    of    a    harmonious,    relaxed,    stimulating    venue    for members and casual researchers. The    promotion    of    a    place    where    the    public    can    visit    and become    engaged    in    the    fascinating    detective    work    that    is genealogy.
was   formed   in   1979   by   a   small   group   of   people   passionate   about   researching   and preserving   family   histories   and   the   culture   these   ancestors   created.   Over   the   years this    developed    into    a    significant    community    resource    and    records    storage organisation   offering   a   wide   range   of   services   to   members,   government   agencies community   groups   and   the   general   public.   Please   take   a   moment   to   explore   our web   site   and   see   the   wide   range   of   activities   we   are   involved   with.      Who   knows, you may be moved to join us Our wonderful group of volunteers are dedicated to:
East Gippsland Family History Group Inc   is a registered Charity, has   been   placed   on   the   Register   of   Cultural   Organisations   and   has been endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient.
Their Duty Done  is a project of the  East Gippsland Family History Group  undertaken with Yeates Publishing to produce a comprehensive memorial for the Fallen of East Gippsland WW1This link will take you to the Their Duty Done web site.
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